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Sunday, April 7, 2019

Film News & A-list innovations at the top of the game.

INTERNATIONALLY ACCLAIMED - "JEFFORD CURRE' DISTINGUISHED MEDAL OF HONOR" is  the most influential award brand for box-office entrepreneurs.  It pivots on the cutting edge of a new world of box-office excitement.  Focused on the bigger picture, ''HONOR''  it continues to empower a global tribe, holding their own against incredible odds. "JEFFORD CURRE' DISTINGUISHED MEDAL OF HONOR" recognizes 21st. century geniuses.   It spotlights the diligence of those who have identified the area of their talent and it salutes  the  vision of todays master artist. It cultivates the highest level of respect for those who have found the courage and organizational ability to make it a lifestyle of full-time commitment. As a result, they have succeeded at the top of their game in service to their community, as they inspire the world.


This award season, fans will have a first look at some of the more spectacular films driving the bold and exciting new era in film entertainment at

WHO WILL WIN  THE JEFFORD CURRE'  DISTINGUISHED MEDAL OF HONOR for BOX-OFFICE INNOVATION, ENTERTAINMENT SCIENCE, KINDNESS & PHILANTHROPY AND PERFORMANCE ART? Best Animation/Comedy Film, Best Feature Film, Best Student Film, Best Horror Film,  Best Thriller, Best Crime Film, Best Romantic Comedy, Best Mystery Film,  Best Parody, Best live Stage Performance Film, Best Western Film, Best Original Drama,  Best Fantasy Film,  Best Sci-Fi Adventure film, Best Documentary, Best Micro Film, Best Web Series, Best Music Video, Best Experimental Film, Best Film Trailer, Best Screenplay, Best Original Story. Find out more at

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